NEW SHOES was conceived to offer the most expert repairs and restorations available. Mr. Don Myers, Master Craftsmen is practicing his Profession of (OST) Orthopedic Shoe Technician and (PED) Pedorthist at his location in Tigard/ Portland, Oregon. NEW SHOES has been in business 35 years, since 1991 at the present location in downtown Tigard, and is committed to bringing the consumer a level of excellence compared to few. Don is the proud recipient of Fifteen International "SILVER CUP" Awards sponsored by the Shoe Service Institute of America. As you view our site you will come to understand the Professional Direction that NEW SHOES has taken and will find Services and Products that will make your "Walking Experience" a comfortable and healthy one!

 Founder, Owner, President, Master craftsman, Donald Myers has also completed the required course work and has received his certificates of completion in Pedorthics at accredited Oklahoma State University in 1999. These highly structured courses give him and his staff the knowledge and skills to fabricate, anatomically balanced "Custom Arch Supports", custom shoe fabrication, internal and external "Shoe Modifications" specializing in "Short Limb Adjustments". In addition Don aquired additional on the job work experience from 4th generation cobblers.

 "Silver Cup

World Class Champions"

Designed to bring you the finest "Shoe/Boot and Leather Repair" 

Use your Imagination !

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